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Tofflon-TIPA Seminar

By working with TIPA(Thai Industrial Pharmacist Association), Tofflon team and local opinion leaders shared significant knowhow and global best practises through the theme of “Innovative Solution for Sterile Injectables” including Best Practice in Aseptic Filling Line (Ms.Kwanjit Unjai,Siam Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.), Latest Development and Technological Innovation in Aseptic Filling Line(Tofflon), Trend and Practices of Solution Preparation system(Tofflon), Fundamentals of Freeze-drying/lyophilization for pharmaceutical and biological products(Assoc. Prof。 Dr. Satit Puttipipatkhachorn, Mahidol University), The Application and Practice of Inspection Machine(Tofflon), Innovation for Sterile Manufacturing in Pilot- scale(Tofflon)。


The rainy weather did not stop the enthusiam of 100 attendees from local pharmaceutical manufacturers. 80% of them are professional pharmacists, and engineers, R&D specialists and production/project managers take up the remaining 20%. Tofflon's experienced presenters not only deilvered lectures about advanced  systematic technology and case study in aseptic processing but also had interactive coomunication with Thai experts during the seminar, understanding the unique requirements and expectations about how they would like pharmaceutical machinery suppliers to support them mitigate the risk of contamination and meet higher and higher GMP standards. Tofflon 's practise of automation, isolation and system integration also offered inspiring perspectives for the audience, making this knowledge sharing event valuable, meaningful and unforgettable.

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